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Documentary Vitronics Soltec

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About Vitronics Soltec

Vitronics Soltec is specialized in developing and producing solder devices and related solutions for the print circuit board industry. Vitronics Soltec works global and was founded back in 1916.

Clients issue

Vitronics asked us to make a documentary of the company history, in honour of their 100th anniversary.


Started in 1916 as ZEVA and over the years grown into a global company named Vitronics Soltec. To visiualize the 100 year history we interviewed numerous employees and former employees as well in the Netherlands as abroad. The documentary was completed with old footage and additional filmshoots. From the in interviews we selected the best quote and added a voice-over to tell the story.


The film was shown at the company anniversary and received with great applaus. A film that fills everybody with pride. Proud to be part of Vitronics Soltec.


Vitronics Soltec

Services provided

Script, concept & storyboard, format development, interviews, casting, film shoot in studio and on location, editing.

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